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You can find here all our game development notes. In other words: what we're currently working on, some behind the scenes, how-to, tips and more.

Anything that has been useful for us, no matter how big or small, and that we hope you'll find handy in your game development journey as well. Enjoy!

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assets images text animator unity febucci text animator best artistic tool 2023
We won Unity's Best Artistic Tool award of 2023!

🎉 We’re happy to share that Text Animator won Unity’s Best Artistic Tool award of 2023! 🎉

Text Animator 2 is out!

After three years of Text Animator 1.X, we’ve released a brand new version of the plugin! Read more about it…

2022 febucci 2022 gamescom meet italy biz area.jpg
Surviving Gamescom (B2B) as a Solo Developer

Some notes for attending Gamescom as a solo developer, based on my first attendance in 2022.

Searching any variable in any script in Unity

Read how to search for any variable in any script in Unity, using Serialized Objects and Properties.

Custom Post Processing in Unity URP (working with Volumes)

Read how to create custom post processing in Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP), working with volumes.

2020 febucci custom hierarchy for unity free plugin
Custom Hierarchy for Unity [free]

‘Custom Hierarchy for Unity’ helps you organizinig all your gameObjects automatically, drawing icons for each Component, a ‘tree view’ and…

2019 text animator febucci unity screen cover.jpg
Text Animator for Unity

You can animate your Unity texts by using “Text Animator for Unity”, which shows letters dynamically (like a typewriter) and…

2019 Shaders intro website cover.jpg
How to write Shaders in Unity using HLSL

Shaders are used to create many effects like “water”, “fire” and “distortions”. Learn the very basics of Unity HLSL Shaders…

2019 sprites outline shader thumbnail.jpg
Sprite Outline Shader

You can create a “Sprite Outline” shader in Unity by checking the sprite texture borders. This article explains how to…

2019 fire shader thumbnail.jpg
Fire Shader

You can create a Fire Shader in Unity by controlling how a texture changes values over time. In this article…

2019 Pickable Objects cover.jpg
Pickable Objects Shader

You can communicate to your players which objects are interactive by using a simple shader inspired by The Last of…

2019 febucci tutorial skip cutscenes button cover.jpg
Skip Cutscenes Button

You can create a button that skips cutscenes in Unity (or that performs any action after being held) by following…

2019 Characters parallax frame febucci cover.jpg
Show Characters inside cards (UI parallax)

Learn how to create a UI parallax effect in Unity by using masks and a simple script. This effect can…

2018 vertex shader febucci preview.jpg
Vertex Shader

Vertex Shaders can be used for effects like waves, force fields and grass movement. Learn how to create vertex shaders…

2018 unity febucci ui all resolutions preview febucci tutorial.jpg
How to create UI for all Resolutions

You can set your Unity UI for different resolutions and devices by controlling different Components, like the “Rect Transform” and…

unitytips unitytips collection febucci cover.jpg
Unity Tips

Start using the best Unity tips I’m discovering during my game development journey since 2015. Improve your workflow and create…

2018 world reveal shader preview febucci.jpg
World Reveal Shader Tutorial

You can use a world reveal shader to dynamically show/hide your game world based on player proximity. This effect is…

2018 dissolve shader febucci tutorial preview.jpg
Dissolve Shader

You can use Dissolve Shaders in Unity to let your game objects fade in lot of different ways. Using both…

2018 Easing functions preview cover.jpg
Easing Functions for Animations

You can use Easing Functions to create awesome animations for your projects via code. They’re used everywhere, including in game…

2018 Sprite diffuse shader febucci preview.jpg
Sprite Diffuse Shader

You can use a Sprite Diffuse Shader in Unity to let your 2d sprites be affected by a light. Learn…