You can add text animations in your Unity games using my plugin called Text Animator. It works based on the package TextMeshPro and it shows text dynamically (typewriter-like), includes multiple built-in text effects and lets you easily create your own text animations and text effects.

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I was making my own game and I thought “it would be cool if, when this character is scared, the letters of his dialogue could visibly shake”. I catched the chance and I started writing code, wanting to create multiple text animations for my Unity games.

After one month the plugin was ready and “Text Animator for Unity” received interests from many other game developers friends as well. I decided to publish it in two major storefronts, the Unity Asset Store and, letting creators add text effects in a very few steps.

Animate texts in Unity

Nowadays Text Animator for Unity brings texts and dialogues to life in hundreds of projects all over the world, showing letters dynamically (typewriter-like) and adding text animations (including custom ones).
For example, I am so happy to see characters emotions showing up from text, thanks to simple text effects that make words shake or wave, fade and way more.

During its first month already, “Text Animator for Unity” conquered the Top 10 in the “Top New Popular Assets” ranking in the Unity Asset Store.

Features ✅

  • Create your own effects in the Inspector.
  • Powerful and Flexible.
  • 15+ effects ready to use.
  • Supports multiple effects, stackable on the same letters.
  • Requires TextMeshPro *, supporting its emotes, alignments and custom fonts.
  • Quick to set up.
  • Shows text dynamically (like a typewriter), with different appearance effects.
  • Call Events from text and perform any action.
  • Supports external Dialogue Systems and Plugins (some already integrated!).
  • Short, detailed and easy to read Documentation.

*30 TextMeshPro’s tags are compatible. Read the limitations page for more.

  • Documentation: learn everthing about Text Animator and feel comfortable even before getting it!
  • Limitations: read its requirements and learn exactly what you can do.


  • Dialogue System for Unity
  • PlayMaker
  • Yarn Spinner
  • Naninovel (partial)

You can also integrate your own Dialogue Systems and Plugins! (some are already planned in the future!). Take a look at the documentation for more.


  • Create your own Effects, Features and Typewriters in C#.
  • Effects can also be created in the inspector.


  • Includes C# Source code.
  • Public Roadmap available
  • Multiple Example scenes for each use case
  • Frequently Updated

Get Text Animator

If you want to easily add animated texts in your Unity games do not hesitate and get Text Animator for Unity where you prefer!