Pickable objects shader

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Pickable Objects shader

Here’s how to create a simple effect to communicate to the players which objects are pickable, interarctive etc.
A lot of games implemented this effect in clever ways; today I’m showing a simple version that relies on the object’s vertices coordinates (like a gradient) and passing of time.

Game in the example: The Last of Us (Naughty Dog, 2013).

Download files

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HLSL Shader

Here’s an example, written in HLSL.
Even if this tutorial example is targeted for Unity the mechanics and logic apply to all other engines as well.

Shader Graph

Here’s the same effect created in Unity Shader Graph. To use it you must enable one Scriptable Render Pipeline in the Package manager, for example the Lightweight RP or the High Definition one.
You can read my tutorials about: How to install Unity Shader Graph, Introduction to Shader Graph.

Amplify Shader Editor

Here’s the same effect created using the plugin Amplify Shader Editor.

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