Privacy Policy

Hi there, here’s a friendly privacy policy to inform you about my websites… policies.
I intend as my websites: “” and all its subdomains.

Last updated: 2019/04/08 (Year, Month, Day)

My website is structured like a blog/landing page and contains posts related to my work, mostly about game development.
This website doesn’t show ads, neither requires you to create accounts and/or login.
I’m however using a plugin called Google Analytics that lets me see the visits to this website; whatever is tracked is anonymous and not identifiable, neither is it used for advertising or marketing.

Google Analytics

To improve my work I’m using a plugin called Google Analytics and I’m using it for statistical/scientific reasons only.
It shows me how many users see my website and from which website they come from, so I can understand if I’m gaining or losing visitors, where my posts are shared and the percentage of visitors that come back to new posts.

I’m not using features that collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information), this means that the stored data is anonymous and is not identifiable.

Google Analytics needs to store a few cookies to work, named _gid, _ga and _gat.
Their main purpose is to distinguish users and track the pages that you visit inside the website, assigning an anonymous ID to each visitor.
They don’t expire automatically and also prevent recording inaccurate data: for example avoiding counting an user that clicks on two pages as two different visitors instead of one.
You can read more about them here:

Data is not collected or shared with the purpose of advertisement but for the only reasons listed above.

Features as “Advertisement” and “Demographics and Interests Reports for Remarketing and Advertising” are disabled.

Visitors’ IP Addres is anonymized.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit.

How are cookies used in this website?

A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the analytic plugin to recognize you and update the reports/statistics. Remember, it is anonymous and not identifiable and prevents recording inaccurate data, as you can read above.

Opt out

If you want to disable Google Analytics from your browser, you can install the Google Analytics browser add-on:

How Google uses data

Read about how Google uses data when you use partners’ sites or apps:

The cookie “__cfduid” – CloudFlare

The cookie __cfduid is a necessary and technical cookie; the service CloudFlare sets it to identify trusted web traffic. It doesn’t collect any identifiable information.
Read more there: