Characters’ parallax frame

By 14/02/2019 General

Here’s how to create a really simple parallax effect in Unity, in this case in the game’s UI.

You can also read my tutorial about How to create UI for all resolutions.

  • Check if the mouse is inside the Rect, then rotate it based on its distance from the centre.
  • Setup the Character’s frame adding what you prefer; I’ve added a Mask (so the character doesn’t go outside the panel when rotating), a Text and an Image.
  • To create the “Parallax” effect while the panel rotates, move the characters’ image (or the element where you want the effect) backwards/forward. On my example the Z value of the Slime’s transform is set to -100.
  • Reset the target rotation if the mouse is outside the rect and rotate it smoothly.
    • I’m using the function AngleLerp, because if you try to use Vector3.Lerp etc, the transition doesn’t work properly and the angle messes up.

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