Since its release in 2020, Text Animator for Unity has been used by thousands of developers all over the world, supporting many games (like “Cult of the Lamb” and “Slime Rancher 2”), platforms and genres.
Developers built their game(s) with Text Animator for both PC, console like Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox, mobile platforms like iOS and Android and even WebGL (e.g. for uploading on

Cult of The Lamb
https: steam apps 1313140 header.jpg?t=1678729165
Slime Rancher 2
https: steam apps 1657630 header.jpg?t=1676659435
https: steam apps 1562430 header.jpg?t=1680787342
https: steam apps 1296610 header.jpg?t=1680932527
Little Witch in the Woods
https: steam apps 1594940 header.jpg?t=1669166511
Travellers Rest
https: steam apps 1139980 header.jpg?t=1679505322
Little Kitty, Big City
https: steam apps 1177980 header.jpg?t=1637285328
Smushi Come Home
https: steam apps 1740300 header.jpg?t=1678377757
https: steam apps 1276660 header.jpg?t=1676467016
Little Nemo and the Gua...
https: steam apps 2074630 header.jpg?t=1675012941
Astro Kat
2022 astrokat joyce cover image.jpg
Hundred Days
https: steam apps 1042380 header.jpg?t=1663080825
https: steam apps 1869870 header.jpg?t=1660317459
Tracks of Thoughts
https: steam apps 1487630 header.jpg?t=1624183634
Floor Plan 2
https: steam apps 1534850 header.jpg?t=1646317627
https: steam apps 895760 header.jpg?t=1637049748

I am starting a little showcase, containing five games per episode that are using ‘Text Animator for Unity’.
I’ll share them throughout the year - here are the episodes so far!

Thank you for being a part of it!!

I would love to include your game in a future episode as well! If you would like to participate, please visit the following form.
Hear you soon!