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Does this plugin animate non-ui texts as well? (TMPro Text's world component)

Yes, as long as you're using the relative TextMeshPro's component. Text Animator works with both UGUI and world TextMeshPro components.

Does Text Animator work with multiple languages?

Short answer: yes, but it doesn't depend from Text Animator at all.

  • About translated text:
    Yes, but localization is not handled by Text Animator. Localization is handled by external scripts instead (it could be your own localization manager, a dialogue system, […].
    In other words, Text Animator is not a localization plugin.
  • If you have a text that contains a rich text tag, it must have the same layout in the translated Language (example “hello <shake> how are you?”, should be translated to “ciao <shake> come stai?”).
    Then, you can simply call "textAnimatorComponent.ShowText(translatedText);".
    (This localization process also applies to any other game/project [...])

  • About different fonts:
    Yes, but it's not handled by Text Animator (it's handled by Text Mesh Pro instead).
    If TMPro supports a language, text animator will do as well. This is because Text Animator only animate letters, which are generated by TextMeshPro.
  • Is RTL text supported? (right to left)

    Yes! Behind the scenes TextAnimator only moves the mesh, but it's TextMeshPro that generates it. TMPro supports RTL text (you can enable it from the component's inspector), and consequently so does TextAnimator.

    Is my [insert dialogue system here] supported?

    You can discover which third party plugin is already integrated with Text Animator by reading here.

    Which Unity versions are supported?

    You can discover which Unity versions are supported by reading here.

    Can I use Text Animator in a web build?


    Can I also make the text disappear?

    Yes! Disappearance effects are available from version 1.3.0 and up.

    When are effects applied? After opening tags or after closing them?

    An effect is applied from the moment you open its tag.
    "<shake>hello" will already have the word "hello" shaking from the moment you type the '>' character.

    Does TextAnimator preview effects in Edit Mode?

    Yes! From version 2.0.0 and up.

    Can I delete the plugin's "Example" folder?

    Sure, you can delete the plugin's example folder if you don't need it.

    Who is awesome?

    You are awesome!