In this page you can learn which are the requirements for “Text Animator for Unity” and what are its limitations.

You can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.


In order to work, “Text Animator for Unity” needs the following:

  • TextMeshPro Package, available for free in Unity.
  • Unity 2018.4 or above (it needs “Scripting Runtime Version: .NET 4.x Equivalent” and “C#7”)
    • ✔️ 2018.4, 2019.x and above
    • ❌ Unity 2018.3 and below

✅ That’s it! Yay!

Integrating third party dialogue systems and plugins

If your project contains a Dialogue System or any similar plugin:


30+ tags compatible, except for <page>

Out of 30+ TextMeshPro’s tags, the only tag that is not compatible is:

  • Not compatible: page
  • ✔️ Compatible: align, alpha, color, b, i, cspace, font, indent, line-height, line-indent, link, lowercase, uppercase, smallcaps, margin, mark, mspace, noparse, nobr, pos, size, space, sprite, s, u, sub, sup, style, voffset, width

👍🏻 You can still use the above ‘not compatible’ cases in your games (eg: using <page> in a TMPro component) but not when animating the text.

Bars are not animated (by choice)

“Bars” in texts (strikethroughs and underlines) are not animated by choice.

  • Reason: Here is how animated bars look like. Since they’re not that good-looking, it’s been chosen to keep them static.


Removing tags when uninstalling the package

As known (like TMPro), if you uninstall this package you must remove all this plugin’s tags manually from your dialogues.

👍🏻 If you’re worried about this for any reason, you could set the plugin to use ‘fallback effects’ only (which are applied to the entirety of the text without requiring any tag) and everything will be left untouched in case you remove the plugin.

You can also create a script that replaces tags, like “text.Replace("<shake>", "")”.

Using \r and \b

You can’t erase or replace parts of the text midtime.

❌ Backspaces (e.g. \r, \b ) are currently not supported

✔️ You can erase/change/replace the entire text midtime.