Built-in Effects list

Here’s a list of all built-in effects ready to use in your games.

You can also create your own effects:


Behavior Effects animate letters continuously during time, after the letter has been shown.

You can also use Modifiers, which let you change the characteristics of your Behavior effects individually. (Read more here)

Useful links:

Tag: <pend>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Tag: <dangle>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Tag: <fade>
Modifiers: d
Tag: <rainb>
Modifiers: f, w
Tag: <rot>
Modifiers: f, w
Tag: <bounce>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Tag: <slide>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Tag: <swing>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Tag: <wave>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Increase Size
Tag: <incr>
Modifiers: a, f, w
Tag: <shake>
Modifiers: a, d
Tag: <wiggle>
Modifiers: a, f
  • Modifiers glossary:
    • a: amplitude (effect’s strength)
    • f: frequency (speed)
    • w: wave size (how uniform is the effect applied to letters)
    • d: delay

  • Tag: represents the effect tag, unique in its category (eg. <shake>)
  • Different with size: true if the effect results differently based on different sizes and fonts.(Read more here).

Appearances and Disappearances

Appearance Effects animate letters only when they’re appearing on screen, while Disappearance Effects make them dynamically disappear. For this reason, they’re mostly used in combination with the typewriter, which shows/hides letters one after another.

Reminder: you can set default Appearance and Disappearance Effects in the TextAnimator component, without having to write Appearance Effects tags in each text. Read more here.

Useful links:

Tag: rot
Modifiers: a, d
Diagonal Expand
Tag: diagexp
Modifiers: bot, d
Horizontal Expand
Tag: horiexp
Modifiers: d, x
Vertical Expand
Tag: vertexp
Modifiers: bot, d
Tag: offset
Modifiers: a, d
Tag: fade
Modifiers: d
Tag: size
Modifiers: a, d
Random Direction
Tag: rdir
Modifiers: a
  • Modifiers glossary:
    • a: amplitude (effect’s strength)
    • bot: bottom (if it starts from bottom or not), set it to 0 for false, and 1 for true
    • x: horizontal direction, set it to -1 (left), 0 (middle) or 1 (right)
    • d: duration
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