2023 Big Steps

by Federico Bellucci, 2023-03-07 | 3 minutes to read
Created a company, relocated in Turin, working on the game and developing Text Animator 2.0. Read more!

2023… what a start!

Created a company, relocated in Turin (from Rome), working on the game and developing Text Animator 2.0.
A lot of things are happening behind the scenes and I’m so happy that I can finally share some of them with you!

Some news

Gamedev Accelerator

First things first: I’ve been selected for a gamedev acceleration program in Turin! Its partners include Microsoft and 34BigThings (Saber Interactive, Embracer Group) and it’s focused on companies, investments and more. The place is beautiful and there are many offices near each other. Most importantly, it’s full of lovely people that share the same passion and want to see others succeed as well. The internet connection is also thirty times faster than what I had in Rome, so… it will be hard going back there when this one ends (but I’ll probably stay away from Rome anyways).

The Game

The game is proceeding well and it improved a lot. I still don’t know when it’ll be the right time to show it properly, but I’ve already started sharing some random content on Twitter (with my own art) to get back on track. What will probably happen is that I’ll keep sharing some random stuff anyways, until it’s not random anymore :3
It did encounter some obstacles that slowed it a bit to be fair, and I might have spent too much time waiting for external partners before showing you anything, so lessons learned now and I’ll focus more on posting stuff anyways even while I’m still conversing with them (including future titles).
One thing that really warmed my heart in all of this was to receive messages from players after more than two years, saying that they’re waiting and excited for it. Thank you so much! Working on it!

Text Animator

Text Animator is going strong. I’ve announced it’s been used in games like Cult of the Lamb, Slime Rancher 2 and many more, and it’s been in the “top selling” first page a few times for the third year in a row now. I’ve also been invited to a Unity livestream to talk about it, and I’ve been contacted by a few universities that are using it in their courses. That’s bananas - thank you all so much! Happy to say that I’m also working on a new big update that I’m sure you’ll like, so stay tuned for a specific post in more details in the next weeks.


I’ve started attending a few game dev events last year and it was fantastic meeting old friends and making new ones! I’m really looking forward for next ones, but it’s also a bit sad that you can only see gamedev friends a few times (if any) per year. This makes the moments you spend together even more valuable, and it makes me want to arrive at these events with new exciting stuff to share as well.
As of now, expect me at Reboot Blue (Croatia) and Gamescom (Germany) this year, but other events are being planned as well. In case you happen to see me around (or would like to), please feel free to say hi!

In conclusion

In conclusion, not being able to share stuff was terrible, but I’m so happy I could finally start telling you a few things! As a result Twitter probably thinks my account is dead, so I’ll have to fix it in the upcoming month(s) as well.
Next plans? Expect a new post with everything new in Text Animator 2.0, which will release soon. I’ll also try sharing new experiments unrelated to my main projects, and explore new socials as well to do so (as soon as my mind is ready for it).

Thank you so much and hear you soon!

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