Buried Between Meetings

by Federico Bellucci, 2022-04-07 | 2 minutes to read
A lot of stuff happening behind the scenes! AAAAAAAHH

At the end of 2020 I told you that everything was going fine, and that as a new year resolution I would have liked to become more active and post many new things. However, if you browse through my blog you can easily notice that I posted zero stuff in 2021. What the #$@? happened?

To put it in a few simple words: creating a prototype, pitching to publishers, contacting lawyers, forming a new team from scratch (from different parts of the world) and more… does indeed take time! (and I also have university in between.)

Now I get why game/studio directors say that they have very little time to actually develop the game(s); I was buried between meetings and I am a no-one! I cannot imagine what it means to be a head of a studio where you’re responsible for hundreds of people - also, everything takes so much time already.

Do you need to interact between two different companies? Sure, add two weeks between meeting each one, and then add another two to update the other. Suddenly a month or two pass… and good luck if there is any delay, too.

The good news is that the game has a new team that I adore, full of talented people that I cannot wait to work with.
But these things take time and a year only has 12 months, so here it is how 2021 passed for me: buried between meetings and waiting for other meetings to arrive.

The bad news (I guess?) is that we are still talking to publishers and I can’t say anything yet, but I cannot wait for this nightmare to end so that I can finally focus on developing the game and share everything we have created so far, please.
The good side to this is that I have learned a lot and I’m looking forward to release some new articles about pitching as well once I’m able to.

In conclusion - as a doable 2022 resolution - I aim to finally be back!
I don’t know how frequently and I don’t know which content I am able to release now, but the thought is there and I’ll definitely come up with something. The hardest part is just making the first step sometimes, so here is this post to cover exactly that.

For now, I’ll be more than happy to see what you all achieved so far and share anything you’re currently creating.

Hear you soon, cheers!

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