Summer 2018

Summer 2018. I just started “Febucci”.
The months after, I wrote many Unity Tips and Tutorials.

The tutorials kinda exploded, so I kept making them.

The articles took too much time, so I started creating “only” GIF tutorials. They still needed a lot of time.

Summer 2019

Summer 2019. I took a pause from tutorials and focused on my game. No one knew about my game yet, ‘cos I had only posted tutorials and tips.

September. I canceled that game (or postponed indefinitely), after years of development. sigh

Damn it Febucci, share all your stuff and work on something that comes out in less time.

October. Started University out of the blue, on the very last 4 days ’cos my gut said so.
November. Decided to create 1 game per month: the first one didn’t meet my “quality standards” so I didn’t even bother to share it around.

Omgggg just share stuff and stop finding excuses you dumb

January 2020. Created, shared and released my plugin “Text Animator for Unity”.
February. First University exams done. (did I really release a plugin WHILE having multiple exams? Ohhh yes I did.)
March. I started working on that new game prototype I postponed for too long.
I did remember my previous lessons, so I shared the prototype even if the footage was huh and I had nothing more than it.

I wasn’t convinced if people liked it or not.

After the initial response(s), I played a bit with shaders and changed the art style. I shared it again because I trusted myself and my project.

If it wasn’t going to receive more clear positive feedback on it, I probably had to change its direction.

Welp… the game kinda exploded.

My followers count increased by 75%, I received so much notifications that my phone overheated, the newsletter subscribers was increased by a 400% and it surpassed the “free plan” limit.

Alright, gonna make this a complete project, more than a monthly game.

Summer 2020

Here we are today. It’s summer, I’m taking a little pause to prepare the engine for the next “Febucci Year” (which starts in September). This simply means that I’ll be more quiet on social media, but I’ll keep working on stuff behind the scenes.

I have already:

  • Redesigned my website and changed hosting.
  • Changed newsletter service, so I won’t fall in debt even with more subscribers or emails.
  • Thought about new gamedev posts.
  • Made my “website pipeline” easier and faster so I can post more content and more frequently .
  • Passed other university exams. (wtf I’m doing everything at the same time ??)
  • Kept working on the game.

I’ll also rest and recharge my batteries.

Not that I really need it today, but I’ll need this rest in 2021.

Thanks for coming to my talk. Hear you soon!

What do you do in the summer? Let me know on twitter (mention me @febucci).