Hi there!

It’s been a while since I last updated you about my game, so before you start getting worried, here’s a quick post to tell you it’s all going well!!!

Why no updates?

I didn’t share new updates for multiple reasons, some were intentional and some were not.

  1. A new type of game. This platformer is different from “standard” ones and many development rules don’t work here, either them being game design, programming, and art. It’s something I really like working on, but it also meant that I needed extra time to explore different design areas and also rewrite a few systems from scratch. I didn’t want to show features I wasn’t sure of, but as of today I’ve finished exploring all these areas and I’m REALLY happy about what I’ve come up with.

  2. 2020. I took a pause from social media (instead of doomscrolling) and you might know why… cough cough… 2020. The positive result is that I’m fine (which is not taken for granted this year), and the development kept going forward almost unaltered.

  3. Business. Exploring potential business partners takes days… weeks… months!! And it is something that stays behind the scenes for the most part, maybe until the very end. Without telling you anything, just know that I’m happy about the directions I’ve taken <3

  4. Initial “success”. I’ve decided to show the game straight from the prototype phase, and I hoped to incrementally gather people’s interest after it. I didn’t expect it to blow up and reach thousands of people and positive comments, which destabilized me for a bit. I also had to change a few services that became too expensive (for example my newsletter), but it’s all good now and you can subscribe without worries… like, right now!

  5. Surprises! There are many surprises I didn’t show yet and I’m dying to share with you what’s in the game, but I’d prefer waiting a bit more time to reveal them. I know it’s a lot to ask for, but as I surprised you with the early GIFs of the game, please trust me on this <3 (Of course, it all means that I’m preparing for the game marketing campaign, and that the game is happening.)

What’s next?

As a new year resolution, I will be more present on social media with you all, even if I won’t be able to share new content for the game as frequently as before (for now, at least).

You’ve always been super supportive, both with kind words and honest feedback, so I know we’ll have a lovely time even if I’m won’t be able to share many GIFs for a bit. Thank you for it!!!

In conclusion

Soo… yeah! Even with a few obstacles and many things I can’t share yet, just know that I’m enthusiastic about how the game’s developing.

I am also passing a lot of university exams which are really useful for my game dev journey, like social research, statistics, psychology, economy, private law, […]. (yeah, my course is full of stuff.)

Not only I am looking forward to release my game and let you experience it, but I also can’t wait to share with you the many things I’m learning along the path!! I’m sure you’ll find them useful for you as well.

An happy and optimistic developer should mean something good… right? :3

Hear you soon!

P.S. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the game newsletter here. Cheers!