We are now six people!

by Federico Bellucci, 2024-03-19 | 2 minutes to read
🎉The team has grown up to six people in a year!🎉

Hi there! Federico here, I just wanted to update you on how things are going and… the team has grown up to six people since last year! I still can’t believe it!!

Since 2016 I was always doing things by myself (plus the TONS of dev friends who gave feedback etc. of course - you’re never 100% “solo” in this industry and I’ll always be grateful for it). This era consisted of my “game development tips”, solo games and unity tools.

BUT in 2023 I have found two wonderful artists who joined as collaborators and started working on the game with me, and so we were three people.

Then a level designer plus QA joined the team too, which is actually another wonderful dev friend who was always here for me with feedbacks - we just made it official and I started giving him tasks to do weekly. So we became four people.

And earlier this year an additional Graphic Designer joined the team, and I started looking for a new programmer to join us as well. After more than 200 candidates… I have found who I was looking for, and she officially joined us Yesterday, hired full time!

All in all, in a year “Febucci” became 6 people and I could never be prouder about them all and what we’re creating! (It’s about time I come back showing things around too, aehm, I mean… we come back.)

On another note, I would have loved to hire more people as some candidates were really promising as well, but the industry is in a really difficult position right now so I can’t risk it as much, unfortunately. This means that we’re back to work, full of energy, and ready to improve things even more.

Thanks as always for the support and hear you soon!

P.S. In case you’d like to meet me in person, I have already confirmed the following events this year: Games Finance Market (London), Reboot Develop Blue (Croatia), Nordic Games Fest (Sweden) and of course Gamescom (Germany). Cheers!

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