Performing Actions while typing

You can perform actions once the typewriter reaches a specific position in the text. (For this reason, actions work only if the typewriter is enabled)

Example: waiting for X seconds or waiting for the player input.

How to add actions in your text

You can add actions to your text by using rich text tags.

Actions’ formatting follows this formula: “<actionID>” or “<actionID=attribute1,attribute2,...>” for eventual parameters/attributes (just like events/messages).

⚠️ Actions are case sensitive, <waitfor> and <waitFor> will produce different results.


Actions support multiple parameters, after the ‘=’ sign and all separated by a comma.

Example: <waitfor=1.5> or <playaudio=tada,laugh,dub>

  • ⚠️ Floating point numbers must use a period, not a comma.
    • ✔️ <speed=0.5>
    • ❌ <speed=0,5>


As with Effects, you’ll find Actions stored inside their databases. You can add and remove as many as you prefer, create specific ones and also program your own via C#.

Built-in Actions

You can use the following built-in actions in your text.

Wait for Seconds
  • tag: waitfor
  • description: Waits for X seconds before continuing to show the text.
  • attributes: float (wait duration)
  • usage_example: waitfor=1.5
Wait for Input
  • tag: waitinput
  • description: Waits for the player input"
  • usage_example: waitinput
  • tag: speed
  • description: Multiplies the typewriter speed
  • attributes: float (speed multiplier)
  • usage_example: speed=2

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