Events are special tags that let you send messages (string) to any listener script, once the typewriter has reached a specific part of the text. (For this reason, events work only if the typewriter is enabled)

Scene 'Example 3 - Events'


You can write events in your text by using rich text tags.


Event’s messages are preceded by a question mark, like this: <?eventMessage>.

Example: To call an event named ‘shakeCamera’, write: <?shakeCamera>

  • 👍🏻 An event can have any kind of tag, including built-in effect’s ones.
  • ⚠️ Events are case sensitive. Writing <?camshake> is not the same as writing <?camShake>

Listening to events

The scripts that you want listen to TextAnimator events/messages must subscribe to the onEvent callback, inside the TextAnimator class. (Scripting Api)


//Inside your script

public TextAnimator textAnimator;

//Manage the event subscription

private void Awake()
    textAnimator.onEvent += OnEvent;

private void OnDestroy()
    textAnimator.onEvent -= OnEvent;

//Do things based on messages
void OnEvent(string message)
    switch (message)
        case "something":
            //do something

👍🏻 Note how the “message” string has no ‘<‘, ‘?’ and ‘>’ characters, but only contains the message.