Game Tools Programmer

What we're looking for

We're looking for one or more Game Tools programmers to join our team. Your code will ship in thousands of games - including award-winning and best-selling ones - and you'll also work on different tools/prototypes all around game development (from Editor to Runtime, plus some projects commissioned by third parties).


  • Creating new assets/plugins following the company's roadmap (their category will vary in different areas/systems of game development).
  • Taking care of our live products (e.g. Text Animator, which is being used in games like Cult of The Lamb, Dredge, Peglin and much more), from support/fixes (e.g. following its Discord server) to adding new features.
  • Work on B2B projects/tools for third party companies / commissioned by them.
P.S. If you're passionate about this role, don't worry too much in case you don't exactly fall in one or more bullet points / categories below (any of them). We all learn and start from somewhere; please let us be the one who decides if you're a fit, don't automatically exclude yourself as you might never know!


  • Strong programming skills (C# or C++) with a keen eye to performance
  • Experience in the Unity or Godot game engine.
  • Ability to work in a team and work to feedback.
  • Passionate about learning new systems and workflows.
  • Professional understanding of the English language (but you're already reading here so it shouldn't be an issue).

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of IMGUI and/or UI Toolkit for Unity, or the Control Nodes for Godot (especially in Editor).
  • Previous experience making custom tools in Unity/Godot, and/or node-based frameworks.
  • Familiar with Unit Testing and CI/CD.
  • Previous experience making different games / prototypes (any genre).
  • Eligible to work and located in Italy.

Job Type

  • Open to both full time, part time and contract (including freelance or hiring) based on candidate.
  • Remote, with flexible working hours and days.
  • One position is available right now; others will do from Q3 2024
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