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You can read here all my game development tutorials about Unity, Shaders, Programming, Game Design and way more, targeted at at indie developers like you.
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Game Development Tutorials

A collection of 12 posts, written by @febucci.

How to write Shaders in Unity

Simple Shaders Introduction using Unity

This article is a transcription/adaptation of my video about “How to write Shaders in Unity”. You can choose to watch the video, follow only the article or both. Enjoy!

Sprite Outline Shader

Sprite Outline Shader in Unity

In this “Unity Sprite Outline” tutorial we’ll discover how to create both a “Sprite Innerline” and a “Outer Sprite Outline”. Simply, the Inner Sprite Outline shader is drawn “inside” the sprite, while “Outer” is the opposite

Fire Shader

Fire Shader Tutorial for Unity

Here’s how to create a Fire Shader. As always, you can also find below the HLSL Shader and, if you’re supporting me on Patreon, the download link for the Unity Package.

Pickable Objects Shader

Pickable Objects shader Tutorial in Unity

Here’s how to create a simple effect to communicate to the players which objects are pickable, interactive etc.

Skip Cutscenes Button

How to create a button that Skip Cutscenes in Unity

Here’s my simple tutorial about how to create a “Skip Cutscenes button” in Unity (the logic applies to any other engine too). You can find below the code and the download links.

Vertex Shader

Vertex Shader Tutorial for Unity

A Vertex Shader lets you create different effects by moving your objects’ vertices in the scene, such as: waves, distortion around force fields (such as black holes), melting, flags movement, grass movement if the player steps on it and way...

World Reveal Shader Tutorial

World Reveal Shader Tutorial for Unity

A “world reveal” shader (a.k.a. “dissolve the world shader” or “global dissolve“) lets you uniformly fade all the objects in your scene based on their distance from a position; today we ll create our one in Unity’s Shader Graph and...

Dissolve Shader

Dissolve Shader Tutorial for Unity

A dissolve shader returns a cool effect and it’s easy to make and understand; today we’ll create our one in Unity’s Shader Graph and also write it in HLSL.

Easing Functions for Animations

Easing Functions (Lerp) Tutorial

Easing (or interpolation) equations are mostly used in animations to change a component value in a defined period of time. You can move objects, change their colors, scales, rotations and anything you want simply using easing equations.

Sprite Diffuse Shader

Sprite Diffuse Shader Tutorial for Unity

In Unity there are multiple ways to create a “Sprite Diffuse Shader” (meaning that sprites are affected by light sources), using both Shader Graph (URP) or HLSL.