So… I’m back!

Every summer I take a little pause to prepare the engine for the next “Febucci Year”, which starts in September. I’ve worked on a lot of things behind the scenes and the month has arrived, so here’s a little update about what’s next.

Year 3

The “new year resolution” is: one post every two weeks.

I have already written a few articles in advance and there are some new categories and stories I can’t wait to share with you. <3

Stuff is also happening behind the scenes for my game, but I still can’t talk about it. (!)

The posts schedule will start this month (they will be shorther than this one) and I’m also back on social media.

Some things I’ve been working on

Here are a few things I’ve worked on to prepare the “new Febucci Year”… while I was studying law for my University exam. (I still can’t believe I’m doing everything at the same time…)


Since April the Newsletter subscribers count quadrupled (thank you!) and I’ve exceeded the “free plan” limit.

I didn’t want to fall in debt just because I wanted to talk with you and share updates, so I’ve changed service (I’m using “Sendy” now). Sorry if I didn’t send any email yet, but I had to set up everything and it took me a lot of time.

The good news is that everything works now and I can start writing to you without me having to worry.
I can also set up different lists and separate more clearly my two types of content (my games & my blog).

My Game

As I’ve written above, I can’t share a lot of things yet. However, I’ve posted some new graphics for the game!
Left tweet is before (30 Jun 2020), right tweet is after (25 Aug. 2020).

There’s still a lot of stuff to do and show, but time to time. (I can’t wait!!!)


To tie the newsletter and the reboot of the blog together, I’ve worked a lot on my website as well.

It now has a new design, it loads faster and you can navigate through pages better.
On the “invisible” side, I’ve improved some scripts (I’m using Jekyll) so I can write articles and post them in less time.

I also needed more power and management for the newsletter and [secret thingy], which lead me to change hosting entirely.


University, my game, my blog, 2 newsletter(s), social media, my plugin, customer service, […], life.
The “writing post-its around” strategy didn’t work anymore, so I’ve studied a lot and organized everything better.

I have automated all the repetitive manual tasks that slowed everything down (and were more error-prone).
This includes writing BATCH scripts that automatically execute commands from the Windows’ command prompt, or setting online automations (eg. a service like “Zapier”) that notify me about things and perform actions.

I’ve also set up a production pipeline based on each project’s specific needs.
Agile Sprints, Mind maps, Kanban Boards, Documentations and more.

Even if it might sound like an “overkill” because I’m working alone, this structures helps me avoid a lot of errors, it keeps everything organized and – after I got familiar with it – it speeds up the process and blocks me from going off tracks.

In conclusion…

In conclusion… this was an outline of what I’ve been working on during the past two months. As you can see: there was really a lot of stuff to do.

Thanks for reading until here!
I can’t wait to start sharing with you the new content; hear you soon!

Oh, the law exam went well by the way, but it drained all my energy for the successive days.
I now know about some laws… and that I don’t want to have that exam ever again in my life, oof.