Here’s my simple tutorial about how to create a “Skip Cutscenes button” in Unity (the logic applies to any other engine too). You can find below the code and the download links.


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You can download the free UI “Prompts Pack” clicking here, created by @Xelu.

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using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.Assertions;
public class HandlerScript : MonoBehaviour
    //The circle that shows us the overall progress
    public Image fillImage;
    //Holder of the entire button, used to change its scale
    public RectTransform holderRect;
    //Start scale of the holder
    Vector2 startHolderScale;
    //The desired scale we want when we complete the input, i.e. the input percentage is 1
    public Vector2 targetHoldercale = new Vector2(1.2f, 1.2f);
    private void Awake()
        //Assures we don't have null references
        startHolderScale = holderRect.localScale;
    //The key we want to press
    public KeyCode keyCode = KeyCode.X;
    //Speed that increases the progress if we press
    public float activeSpeed = .5f;
    //How fast the progress decreases if we don't press the desired key
    float cooldownSpeed = .6f;
    //Prevents the function to be executed more than once
    bool functionTriggered = false;
    void Update()
        //Increases or decreases our progress based on our input (and if we didn't already trigger the function)
        //No need to clamp, since fillAmount is already clamped by Unity in the [0,1] range
         fillImage.fillAmount += 
         ((Input.GetKey(keyCode) && !functionTriggered) ? 
                activeSpeed :
                 -cooldownSpeed) * Time.deltaTime;
        //Changes the size of the button based on our progress
        holderRect.localScale = Vector2.Lerp(
            fillImage.fillAmount * fillImage.fillAmount //you can apply an interpolation there, I applied EaseIn
        //Triggers the function if we didn't already, and the progress/percentage is 1
        if (!functionTriggered && fillImage.fillAmount == 1)
            functionTriggered = true;
            Debug.Log("Button pressed completely");
            //Do something here
            //Skip cutscene or similar